Birthday photo shoot :D

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Birthday photo shoot 😀

Hello there !!! After a 2-month modeling tour of 10 different European countries (and Turkey), I arrived to Boston. 1st shoot the very next morning, August 10th, was at 6am (on my birthday!!!)

Then I found this swampy park. Usually pictures in direct sunlight at the hottest part of the day turn out burnt, but a combination of a blue sky, strobes, reflectors, and lightroom, made it perfect! This day also began my tutu-crazy. So in this very 1st photo set, you'll see me in my practice tutu. What's the difference between practice and pro tutus? This one costs $120, instead of those used on stage, which value at thousands !!

So of course I left no time to eat and by the end of the day, I was starved. I grabbed tea and macaroons.

There were so many great pictures, it was hard to choose just 12! The photographer insists on retouching them all (in terms of composition, lighting, colours as such) and leaving me as original as real life.

So as you can see, between location scouting, shooting, selecting images, retouching, and sharing them with you ... it's days of work. I love and enjoy every moment of it !!!

Thank you for joining me on my very 1st journey!

*****Soon you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder with all the images 🙂

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