Please include as many details as possible, such as: potential location, date(s), shoot length, concept(s), example images / mood board, a link to your portfolio or main social media page (so I can see who you are).

Hair: long, sandy blonde, wavy
Skin: clean shaven, no tattoos, ears pierced
Little blonde hairlings scattered accross my body (arms and legs)

Hight: 5’5
Weight: 115 lbs

Size: Small in everything (size 0-2 in the USA)

Favourite features: small waist & 6-pack abs!

Favourite concepts: bodouire, art nude, body scapes, black & white (ballet and yoga, obviously)

Training / Talents:

Dance/Ballet (16 yrs + counting)
Yogi (9 yrs and counting) I love Ashtanga
Super Flexible (over-splits) head stands, inversions, etc.

Ballet Jumps (please provide a sprung floor to prevent injury, My jumps are exceptionally precise and consistent)

Pianist (my whole life.. also trained in harpsichord and organ)
Languages: Russian, English, Italian

Bachata (Latin Dance)

Birth place: Yalta, Crimea, formerly Ukraine, now Russia
Citizen of the USA
Work Permit in Italy / Europe

To initiate travel to your are, I require at least a 1 full-day booking plus potential accomodation / travel stipend.


The whole artistic process, including:

Collaborating before, during, and after the shoot
Helping select images directly after the shoot (if you want me to!)
Traveling with photographers, submersing myself in nature, glamping, and camping

Retainer: All shoots are confirmed with a 1/2 retainer on the day of booking via PayPal or Venmo to [email protected]

I DO NOT LIKE TO BE PAID IN CASH. So, please PayPal, direct bank transfer, check, or Venmo to: [email protected]  If using PayPal, please add the 5% transaction fee.

I've never cancelled a tour, but if I must, your deposit will, obviously, be returned. If a deposit cannot be made, please let me know. Reasons such as bad experiences with other models are not applicable; Committments confirmed with a deposit will always be prioritized.

Cancellation Policy:

1- I rely on and keep all of my commitments! If we are unable to reschedule on my current tour, your deposit will be kept.

2- Failure to notify me within reasonable time (at least 3 weeks prior) you will be helf responsible for the payment in full on the scheduled day of the shoot. IT IS ONLY FAIR that these hours will automatically transfer and be put towards a future bookiing -- alongside an additional booking of the same amount of time.(Unless I retire tomorrow and I guarantee you, that will not happen!)

If these terms are not respected, we will not be working together in the future and I will be unable to provide a positive reference on your behalf. 


  • within the USA (2 hour minimum): 150/hr
  • Multiple Shooters -or- Artistic Nude: 200/hr
  • *Discounts on half (4hr) and whole (8hr) shoots are available (for non-artistic nude themes)


  •  90€/hr (2 hour minimum):
  • 80€/hr Half day (4+hrs)
  • 70€/hr Whole day (8+hrs
  • *Discounts on half (4hr) and whole (8hr) shoots are available (for non-artistic nude themes)

Up to 1hr travel time is included.

If you are on a budget and would like to take advantage of my limited availability, please contact me directly to discuss a payment plan. (Available to photographers with reliable references from other traveling models.)

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