Learn how to photograph ballet and work with a professional ballet dancer!

This is an educational portfolio building event, giving photographers the chance to add strong, artistic images to their portfolios.

In this "Mini Series," photographers will receive a brief information-packed introductory on conducting successful photoshoots with ballet dancers, including:

1) The proper ettiquette, language, and communication;

2) Identifying and flattering a dancer's talents and covering any "imperfections;"

3) Creating visually appealing images through lines & shapes;

4) Practice capturing movement, action shots, and jumps;

5) Selecting the very best of images;

6) Insight into the structure and mechanics of the ballet & dance world.

*Due to the nature of the "mini-series," special emphasis will be placed on points 4 & 6.

Participants will have a full 30-40 minutes of 1-on-1 shooting time -- based on their exclusive vision. They will be encouraged to direct the dancer, bring props, and anything that will personalize and enhance their shooting time.

There will be many costume changes.

Limited to ONLY 4 participants.


What's the "Mini Series?"

It is a summary of a multi-day event, serving as a comprehensive introduction to the world of dance. There is usually no formal photography instruction. Photographersare given the chance to work with various hand-picked and accomplished dancers.

What can I bring into the event?

Photography equipment is up to your disgression. Example images of dance poses from which you'd like to draw inspiration or a mood board is a plus. Props such as fabrics, scarves, flowers or flower petals, etc.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No need! You will be emailed the specific location usually 1-4 days in advance.