Back To My Roots

Hello you beautiful souls!!

A brief update from Las Vegas before I fly out to Seattle for the 1st time in 2 years!
I've spent this past week shooting in Utah with the inspiration to create images to share with you.

Long before modeling became my career - 5 years ago - I spent all day every day shooting in Italy - on a boat, in the mountains, on the beach, hilltops, cities, valleys, in Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Sicily, you name it. On the island called Ischia, we even swam ashore - me pushing the photographer and his brand new camera gear in a lifesaver. (Can you believe that??!! Who in their right minds would SWIM with only me as their support holding above their heads their brand-new camera gear?!)

So that's how I learned ballet modeling. By shooting all day every day for 5 months. And I'm still improving by training, becoming more in-tune with my poses and more expressive.

For 2 months this summer in Europe, I toured 10 different countries. There were moments when I felt my heart tear into pieces because the sceneries were so beautiful and I had no photographer to capture them........

With you guys in mind, I made an investment to travel to Utah and make up for what I felt was this summer's loss. This week, I returned to my roots - I danced and modeled in so so many beautiful landscapes ALL day, EVERY day, none-stop in remote hard-to-reach places and with no internet connection. <3

Here are a few behind the scenes, raw, totally unedited images. I can't wait to share the full sets next week!!

With all my love,
~Anna~ PoppySeed ~

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