About me

PoppySeed Dancer is a versatile model, commissioned for fine art projects and workshops all around the world.

Known for her powerful jumps and attention to detail, she upholds the highest professional standards, working with prestigious photographers worldwide, including, in 2019 alone:

  • Lindsay Adler (NYC)
  • Thomas Holm (Denmark)
  • Sean Archer (Yekaterinburg)
  • Georgy Chernyadev (Moscow)
  • Cam Attree (Brisbane)
  • Andre Brito (Porto)
  • Vicky Papas Vergara (Melbourne)
  • Underground NYC (NYC)
  • Vikki Slovetier (Philly)
  • Marie Otero (CT)
  • …and many more!

PoppySeed currently travels full-time taking bookings worldwide.  In 2019 alone, she visited:

  • USA
  • Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne)
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Turkey
  • Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg)
  • Crimea
  • Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland)

Poppy is gaining a reputation for organizing group shoots and workshops in the USA. She enjoys sharing the benefits of her knowledge - built from years of experience - to newcomers to dance photography.

Poppy aspires to shoot in more extreme locations - from remote areas to mountain tops, snowfields, and underwater.

Born in Yalta, Crimea, she speaks Russian, English, and Italian. Trained to become a concert pianist, she studied under Juilliard Professor Oxana Yablonskaya and has performed in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center, receiving full scholarships as both a dancer and a pianist during her early training years.

At 17 years old, she received her first modeling gig, commissioned by Italian painter Gabrielle Mossa, where the artwork sold for 20 thousand euro in Florence, Italy.

Get to know Poppy:

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