~ How to Book a Shoot ~

  • 1. Use this form
  • 2. Determine concept, date, time and duration, location and transportation
  • 3. Confirm with a retainer

~ Please Include ~

Links to your portfolio. If you are not active on social media, a picture of your photo ID may be required. This is for my safety

~ Retainer ~

On the day of booking, shoots must be confirmed with non-refundable retainer - 1/2 of the total modeling fee.

~ Payment options ~ 

PayPal Poppyseeddancer@gmail.com (please add the 5% service fee)
Venmo @PoppySeedDancer (no service fee)
Direct Bank Transfer or Cash (in USD, Euro, or DKK)

~ Cancellation ~

If a shoot is scheduled and / or cancelled in 14 days or less, half of the total modeling fee will be due / or kept.

~ Important Extras ~

☆ For jumps, please provide a sprung dance floor and tell me, when booking, that you would like to work on jumps. (I will not jump on concrete because this will hurt my body.)

☆ I live as a nomad, so please consider providing transportation - or reimbursing a train or uber - either arriving to or departing from our shoot.

☆ I speak:  Russian, English, Italian

☆ Traveling is my passion. I'm on my 3rd passport, already filled with visas to many different countries!

☆ I provide light wardrobe (dresses, skirts, pointe shoes, bodysuits).

☆ I am very flexible, achieving many contortion poses.

~ Basic Rates within the USA ~

For a single-photographer booking

Art Nude: 200/h
Clothed: 150/h

Rates vary in different parts of the world. Please inquire about your country.

download remote shooting faq pdf

~ Don't see your city and wish to add it? ~

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